Cape Crawford

The Lost City Scenic

Approx. 15, 20, 30 min scenic flights
The Lost City is an ancient wonderland of large outcrops of rock formations formed 1.4 billion years ago. The sandstone pinnacles rise up to 25 metres in height and the extraordinary formations one of the oldest in the world — twice as old as Uluru. It is easy to feel like you’re on another planet as you overfly the dramatic landscape. We have 15, 20 and 30 minute Joyflights of the Lost City, Escarpment country and nearby waterholes and McArthur River.

TLC01 Price p/p 15 min- $155
TLC02 Price p/p 20 min- $210
TLC03 Price p/p 30 min- $315

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Exclusive Waterhole Tour

Approx. 70 min scenic flight
Discover this remote and striking region from the air; the only way to truly appreciate the vastness of Australia’s top end. Hear how the region is home to Australia’s largest cattle stations – several the size of small European countries. On this aerial journey you will get a bird’s eye perspective of Old Bauhinia Downs Station and Poppy Springs (Jandanku Community Thermal Pools), 4 mile hole, Limmen Bight Water Hole and Lost City.
Price p/p $725